Here's what to expect on SH-288 and 610 South Loop this fall

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- As students are headed back to school, you may want to plan for extra time on the road. Jackie Adams says she drives SH-288 every day to get to her boutique near Almeda Road.

"They are going to have to leave 15 to 30 minutes early. People just have to change being in a rush and doing things at the last minute," Adams said.

This school year, there are some added challenges with construction along the South Freeway. Adams says she took to social media to ensure that her customers and other drivers were aware of the challenges on the road.

"Once I get the information, I share it. I went live on Facebook and just kind of let everyone know the alternate route," Adams said.

Among the changes from the summer are the new ramps on the 610 interchange.

"What they will see is that traffic has shifted to brand new connectors from 610 to 288, both northbound and southbound and east and west on 610," project spokesperson Raynese Edwards said.

Edwards also told Eyewitness News that drivers should prepare for significant closures in the upcoming weeks.

Construction workers will have to shut down SH-288 and 610 South Loop in order to tear down the old connector ramps.

Drivers will also be able to see more gantries going up for the toll lanes. The electric tolling stations will not be operational until the entire project finishes in 2019.

When the project is complete, drivers can expect to see two toll lanes added in each direction on 288 along the remodeled interchanges. The goal is to speed up traffic.

"The last part of 2018 going into 2019 will be full steam ahead," Edwards said.

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