Confederate flag supporters drive from SE Houston to Galveston

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Saturday, July 4, 2015
Heritage or hate?
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Supporters of the Confederate flag held a rally Saturday, driving from SE Houston to Galveston

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Houstonians who support the Confederate flag held a rally to defend what they call a symbol of southern pride.

Vehicles carrying Confederate and American flags gathered in southeast Houston to drive together to Galveston.

Supporters say the flag represents heritage, not hate, and honors the people who died for the Confederacy.

"We're just tired of everybody thinking that it's a racist thing," said supporter Diane Cire. "It's just to represent the South. I mean, it's been here for years. Why take it down now? There's only certain people who take it as racist. It's not racist at all."

"The flag represented hatred," countered Trey Norwood, who opposes the flag. "It is a part of U.S. history, but it represented hatred. Anything that represents hatred has an effect on you."

A few people who oppose the flag approached the supporters to try to understand why they fly the flag.

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