Good Samaritan lifts spirits after election by posting complimentary notes

SAN FRANCISCO -- People all over San Francisco are experiencing kindness in the strangest of places this week.

Random compliments are popping up on city streets, put there by a Good Samaritan who knows many are feeling anxiety and uncertainty in the wake of the presidential election.

Armed with a tape gun, and a lot of good intentions, Anna Sergeeva is hitting the streets trying to lighten the mood around San Francisco, in the wake of a divisive presidential election.

"There's been a sense of sadness, and fear and hatred, regardless of what your political opinion is," Sergeeva said.

Sergeeva wanted to do something. Her brainchild is The Compliment Project, compliments people can rip off old school flyers and take with them.

The thoughts are simple: "you light up the room, you're like sunshine on a cloudy day, your smile is beautiful."

"I feel like I'm doing a marketing campaign for kindness," she said.

The compliment flyers are going up around San Francisco neighborhoods and slowly, those paper tabs are vanishing to start the flow of positive energy.

Julia Dvorin and her mom Emily could use a compliment these days.

"I hope more people do this kind of thing, touch people in their own universe," Emily Dvorin said.

"It's nice to know there's still hope and love out there," said Julia Dvorin.

Download a compliment sheets at and spread the joy where you live. Many have, from New York to Texas, and beyond.

Anna Sergeeva says there's no gimmick, she's not making a dime off the project.

"I can't change the course of the world, but I think just being to get out there and do something small, do something positive and see how it can grow is really fulfilling," she said.

She's changing the world, one compliment at a time.
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