Church youth programs grow Bible quizzing into national competition

BEAUMONT, Texas (KTRK) -- At The Anchor Church, the sounds are not of sermon, but of scripture committed to memory and then delivered from the mouths of children.

It is called "Bible quizzing." Churches around the country have youth programs that compete on a national level, with contestants memorizing scripture.

The Anchor Church has plenty of trophies delivered by its team and their program has a reputation for winning.

"When we go to tournaments, these kids right here are rock stars," Pastor Johnathan Green said. "They walk in and it's like, 'Hey, The Anchor Beaumont is here.'"

Some kids begin quizzing as early as four or five years old.

The teams have traveled to competitions around the country, including a recent trip to Disneyworld.

There are no cash prizes for the winning kids or the kids, but there's the excitement of competing.

There's also more to it than that. Families say it's brought them closer, and kids see the benefit outside of church.

"I can read better," said 12-year-old quizzer Kirsten Flowers. "And I focus a whole letter better and I've gotten way better grades."

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