Chris does a lot of kissing on 'The Bachelor', some ladies call him out!

ByJennifer Matarese KTRK logo
Tuesday, January 20, 2015

NEW YORK -- This week's "The Bachelor" began with a very ominous tone as we see a man approach the mansion. It turns out to be Jimmy Kimmel! He's always been a huge fan of the show and this week he'll be helping Chris on his quest for love. After waking Chris up, he heads over to the mansion to meet the ladies. They were super excited to meet him! Jimmy says he's actually going to be a part of the dates and helping Chris to plan them. He also brought by a jar for everyone to put a dollar in every time they say "amazing". He dropped off the date card and left.

"Dear Kaitlyn, you and Chris are going to join an exclusive club, vaulted ceilings and hors d'oeuvres await." Kaitlyn and Chris took a limo as they sipped champagne to a secret location. They ended up at a Costco. Jimmy said it's what real couples do. So he gave them a list of things to buy, many of them ridiculous, but some of the items were really sweet so that they could make a nice dinner together. They got steak for dinner and even bought a table and chairs. I have to say, this is the most real date I think I've ever seen on this show! They did have some fun playing with some of the crazy items for sale there in the store like a giant blow up ball that you can go inside to roll around. They used it to have a secret kiss.

They spent some time together preparing the food and setting everything up for Jimmy's arrival. Kaitlyn said it really made her feel like they were a real couple about to have a friend over for a dinner party. As they were making out, Jimmy walked in and made a bunch of jokes about Chris cheating on him. Jimmy said that he felt like he and Chris were really hitting it off while Kaitlyn messed around with the ice cubes. She got bleeped a lot, pretty much every time she talks. The three of them talked a lot about sex and whether or not it should happen in the fantasy suite and Kaitlyn seemed to think it should! Jimmy told Chris, "It's not going to get any better than this."

Meantime, a date card came and it was a group date card for Britt, Jillian, Becca, Tracy, Mackenzie, Kelsey, Amber, Ashley S, Juelia, Samantha, Nikki, and Carly, and it said, "Are you ready to meet some real party animals?"

Back on the date, Chris gave the Kaitlyn the date rose and she happily accepted! Chris kept saying amazing and Jimmy was interrupting him and trying to get him to stop saying it ha ha! There was a lot of laughing, but not a lot of romance. He may be a great third wheel, but I'm thinking that it would have been a lot steamier without him there. They kissed in the corner of the hot tub while Jimmy ate chicken wings.

Back at the house they showed Jillian working out hard core to get ready for their group date. It was a little much! She's really into working out. Jimmy brought everyone that was on the group date to a farm. The ladies were going to have to do a bunch of challenges to show that they would make a good farmers wife. They had to shuck corn, gather chicken eggs, fry an egg without breaking the yolk, milk a goat, drink the goat's milk, shovel manure and then wrestle a greased pig.

The challenge was pretty ridiculous. Mackenzie got disqualified for breaking the egg yolk. The ladies had a tough time drinking the goat's milk. Shoveling manure was gross, and then Jillian had her butt hanging out of her shorts because they are way, way too short. She had to have a permanent black square edited on to her video footage. Carly won the challenge! She got to have a little farm photo shoot with Chris as her prize.

Later that evening, they had a cocktail party. Carly had a weird talk about how he's a man and she's a woman, but she used that opportunity to go in for a kiss. He seemed to enjoy it but I'm not sure how into it he was. During his time with Amber, they did some slow dancing. She told him to "pretend it's our wedding". They were making out a lot! Chris said that there was a lot, a lot of kissing going on. He thinks that it is basically what he likes to do to find a wife. Everyone is kissing him and now the girls are realizing that a kiss doesn't mean as much as they thought it did. Mackenzie called him out on it. Chris said he didn't know and that he just feels like it's part of a relationship and wants to put himself out there. He seemed upset by her question. Britt was a little upset by it to because he's not being very picky in who he's chasing to lock lips with.

The next date card came for Whitney at last. It said, "Today is going to be fun, no wining xo." She was so relieved to finally go on a date!

Back on the group date, Chris decided to give the rose to Becca! Becca is the only one of the women who held back and didn't suck face with him. Seems he likes the ladies who play a little hard to get.

Whitney and Chris rode in a limo to a winery where they sat in the vineyard and had a little picnic. They talked about what he is looking for in a future wife. They seemed to really connect. He said that he finds it really attractive when a girl can talk to anyone in a crowd and she totally seems like that kind of person. She admitted that she always meets people at airports. They spot a wedding going on and they decide that they are going to try and crash it. I thought this seemed a little set up, but then the crew asked them, "really?" and they were like, "Yeah!" So it seemed like people started moving into position to move the shooting of this show down the hill to where the reception is. Chris suggests that they go change their clothes so that they can mix in better with the guests at the reception. So they apparently left to go change and then they were headed back in the limo and bought a gift for the couple. They looked great together all dressed up!

The wedding was absolutely beautiful! What an amazing setting with the lights and ambiance! They are going to tell people that they are done shooting and that they are engaged and that everyone there has to be really hush, hush about the whole thing. So the cameras were hiding in the bushes and stuff. They had fun pretending to be engaged and showing off a fake ring. Whitney pretended to be an old friend of the bride, and it seemed to go well. I'm betting the show begged them to just let them stay. They looked like a "real" couple out there on the dance floor. Chris said that she "has a whole lot more going on" that he ever anticipated and he seemed smitten with her! He of course gave her the date rose and told her she "made the day beautiful." How sweet is that?! Whitney said that she wants Nick and Shana to come to their wedding if they get engaged someday!

Back at the mansion, they showed Chris working out and then showering next to Jimmy Kimmel. This is so hilarious yet weird at the same time. Jimmy told the ladies that there would not be a cocktail party that night, but instead they were going to have a pool party. Everyone had a great time by the pool and it seemed way more laid back than your normal cocktail party before the rose ceremony.

However, Juelia was still lamenting about talking to Chris about her husband who killed himself and her children. So she chose that opportunity to tell Chris more about it and he seemed surprised that she wanted to talk about it then. I think this might be a little bit too much for him to handle. It sounds like a horrible situation. Her husband had a gun and she was very scared and so she took her baby and left. Her husband had called her to tell her he was sorry so she went back and knew that she was going to find him dead there. There was a lot of sobbing going on and Chris just held her and was a great sounding board. Chris tried to move the conversation to a more positive place and then they ended their chat with a hug.

Chris also tried to talk to Britt and a few of the other women that he likes a lot about the fact that he is still really into them despite not getting to spend a lot of time with him. She basically cut the conversation short and used her time to kiss his face off. Jillian decided to go wait for him in his hot tub. That was a little awkward as he was showing another girl around his place for their one-on-one time. So Jillian was just hanging in the tub by herself while he was kissing Jade on his bed. Before Chris gets to spend very much time with him a whole slew of girls came looking for him. They all jumped in there and joined them. Ashley I. had a freak out with Chris where she was laughing and crying about him kissing the other girls and not spending very much time with her. She found the whole thing awkward and he apologized the best he could to her.

At last, it was time for the rose ceremony! Chris Harrison and Jimmy gave Chris a pep talk and then he went out there to hand out his roses. The women who also got roses in addition to Whitney, Kaitlyn, and Becca were:









Ashley S.



(Jimmy Kimmel came out to tell Chris that it was the final rose of the night ha!)

Ashley I.

Surprisingly Amber who had made out with him got sent home. I felt really bad for her! She tried really hard to win him over, but I guess it just wasn't there. She left by telling the camera people she didn't want to talk anymore.

Next week, it looks like there is some fun in the sun, fake weddings, and a very glamorous one-on-one date. Meantime, there's also word that there are two virgins still in the house. Chris also tells the ladies he doesn't want to waste their time and anyone who wants to leave can! Wow! We'll have to wait and see what happens!