Kids cosplay as menacing monsters from 'Alien' and 'Predator' movies at Comic-Con 2016

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Saturday, July 23, 2016
Kids cosplay as menacing monsters from 'Alien' and 'Predator' movies at Comic-Con 2016
These kids wore elaborate and intricately-detailed costumes based off of the iconic movie aliens at San Diego Comic-Con International.

Can a cosplay be both menacing and adorable? Looking at these elaborate and meticulously-crafted Alien and Predator kid outfits, the answer is a resounding yes.

Nikki Minamoto attended the San Diego Comic-Con International along with her daughters Zoe, 8, and Kayla, 5, cosplaying as the deadly space monsters from the Alien and Predator films. Crowds gathered to watch as 8-year-old Zoe twisted her head and cringed her claws just like the deadly queen from Aliens, as her Kayla proudly showed of her spear and armor, scouting for her next Comic-Con hunt.

Both the Alien and Predator cosplays were designed by Nikki, and took one month and about eight months, respectively. The mom says she's still tweaking the Alien costume, but it's still received an incredible response from fans and attendees at the convention, although it isn't the easiest for Kayla to wear.

"It's just a little heavy, and a little hot sometimes," Zoe told ABC.

Despite her incredible cosplaying as deadly hunter from Predator, it seems that Kayla is siding with team Alien.

"Really, the Alien is better?" Nikki asked, after Kayla said she liked Alien more. "You're not going to say that you're the best?"

Nikki says the elaborate costumes are what bring her and her family back to Comic-Con each year.

"Just the costumes," Nikki told ABC. "That's my favorite thing about it. But it's also seeing everything that's new and different. Comic-Con, the other conventions are nice but Comic-Con really is the king of conventions because everything that's first comes out of Comic-Con."