Photographer from United Kingdom creates coloring book for kids in need

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Saturday, August 8, 2020
UK photog explains why he loves taking pictures of Houston
UK photog explains why he loves taking pictures of Houston.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- To say photographer Shiraz Anwar loves Houston is an understatement.

"It broke all stereotypes. There's more than oil and gas. There's so much more to it. It's such a cool city," Anwar said with a big smile.

Although he lives in the United Kingdom, he somehow still fell in love with Houston while visiting his best friend.

Now, he can't stop coming back, and one day soon, hopes to live here.

"I've been telling everyone that are thinking about going over to visit the U.S., that they should consider Houston," Anwar said.

During his time in Houston, Anwar took several photos, capturing some of the most popular places all around town.

"The architecture and Buffalo Bayou is amazing," Anwar said.

Now, he's is using his photos to help feed kids in need. Anwar turned his cool shots of Houston into a coloring book. Half of the proceeds will go to Kids Meals Inc., a non profit in Houston.

"There was a stat that they had that was quite shocking. That one in four preschool kids don't know where their next healthy meal is coming from," Anwar explained.

He is also doing the same thing for a charity in Manchester, UK. He's hoping to help people during these the COVID-19 pandemic to keep their minds off the uncertainty, by coloring and focusing on something positive.

"Coloring helps to distract you. There's a lot of scientific research around that. But, yeah it's for big kids and little kids," said Anwar.

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