Texas entrepreneur launches Airbnb-inspired app for women's closets

DALLAS, Texas -- Most women have bought something on a whim, only to wear it once or twice, and then tossed it to the back of the closet or into the donation pile. Imagine renting out said item and reclaiming some, if not all, of the initial cost. Stings a little bit less, doesn't it?

Rent My Wardrobe, the new app from Dallas-based entrepreneur Rachel Sipperly, is designed to do just that. A concept similar to Airbnb - but for closets- Rent My Wardrobe gives women the ability to earn income by renting out items already hanging in their closets.

"Companies like Rent the Runway have normalized special occasion rental," says Sipperly. "But this concept presents a monetization opportunity for the two-sided marketplace."

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