Clayton and Susie 'never say never' to a future 'Bachelor' appearance or engagement

Clayton and Susie talk about life after 'The Bachelor.'

ByJennifer Matarese OTRC logo
Wednesday, March 16, 2022
Clayton and Susie talk about their life after 'The Bachelor'
Jennifer Matarese interviews Clayton and Susie about their relationship after "The Bachelor."

NEW YORK -- "Bachelor" Clayton Echard and his girlfriend Susie Evans say they are not ruling anything out for their future.

After their relationship seemed like it was over for good in Iceland, Susie reached out to Clayton to see how he was after the show ended.

After a very lengthy conversation, they decided to have a fresh start and Clayton says that he did his best to tell Susie everything that happened so that there wouldn't be any surprises for her as she watched the show back.

"I knew it was going to be tough seeing the other relationships, especially as it got further along and she saw that I had love for these other women. That's not fun to watch to see that someone is sharing these emotions with somebody else," Clayton said.

"I'm so fortunate that he really does place an emphasis on being transparent, and he was very upfront with me about everything, what to expect, what we were going to see back, so there were no surprises," Susie said.

For now, Clayton said he's packed up and ready to move into Susie's place in Virginia Beach.

"I'm moving into her place," Clayton said. "We're going to be doing a road trip in a month from now and I'll show her my hometown."

Looking forward to if and when they do eventually get engaged, Clayton said he'd love it if he could use that same ring from the finale night, but he has no clue where it is or if he could have it.

"Does Neil Lane just have a warehouse of rings that just sit around until he waits to see whether or not someone comes back around and makes it happen?" Clayton said. "I saw Neil on the way out and he said, 'Hey, I'm looking forward to hearing from you in the future.' And I said, 'That's great Neil, maybe something like 50% off or something like that in the future?' I don't know."

"I never saw the ring in person," Susie said. "I thought it was beautiful." And more importantly, she loved that Clayton really considered what would be perfect for her.

This may not be the last you see of this happy couple. Both said that they would never say never to appearing on "Bachelor in Paradise," getting engaged in Mexico or even married for that matter.

"I live in a world of no more absolutes," Clayton said. "You never know, we're taking this thing at our own pace, I'll never say never because I've come to learn it's more fun to live life on the edge."

"Mexico sounds great, so, I'm interested!" Susie said.

As for the women he let go, Rachel and Gabby, they are excited to see them as the next "Bachelorettes."

"Yeah, we're definitely watching. We were talking about it last night, how cool it is that they get to experience it together and have a friend," Susie said.

For now, they are Clayton and Susie are enjoying dating each other and seeing where their journey leads next.

"I was happy before the show and I just feel happy that I get to have this beautiful addition to my life," Susie said.

"She's absolutely incredible. People really have no clue how incredible she really is," Clayton said.

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