Crafty Christmas projects for kids during the holiday break

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Friday, December 18, 2020
Easy DIY holiday projects with items from the dollar store
Need a way to keep the kids busy while on Christmas break? We've got you. Hit play to hear how to do the simple projects that can be made with things you may already have at home.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- With the kids out of school for holiday break, they'll have lots of free time.

There are some super easy do-it-yourself Christmas projects out there, including one with three Dollar Store deals. Another project can be completed with three things you may already have in your kitchen.

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Arnesha Seymore is a crafty mom and a former interior design school student who loves DIY projects. She took a table and topped it with 2,974 pennies that were collected from friends and family. Sure, it took four months for this particular project, but she has some easier ideas for parents, including one she calls a "mini." It's a Charlie Brown Christmas tree adorned with a variety of familiar items.

"Use your kitchen utensils like a spatula or any mixing spoons," Seymore said. "Anything that has the ability to have a string go through it."

Seymore added a noodle strainer as the tree stand and used left-over present bows for accent. It's a project she calls abstract art.

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Craft projects involving mason jars aren't anything new, but Seymore buts a different spin on the glass containers with glitter and a hot glue gun.

"You take the lid of your mason jar, and that's where you will put all your decorations, and you can also find those at the Dollar Tree," Seymore said.

You can turn those jars into homemade snow or glitter globes after attaching small ornaments to the lid.

"You'll take about three-fourth to half-full of water into your mason jar, and you sprinkle more glitter in there," Seymore said.

To make the glitter to fall in slow motion, Seymore recommends dropping a half-teaspoon of glycerin. A bottle of glycerin usually sells for around $4.

For the last project, Seymore headed back to Dollar Tree for an easy, creative holiday wreath that costs around $4 to make.

Seymore recommends buying a small Styrofoam circle, two bags of wrapped peppermints and a bow.

"Get your peppermint candy and your hot glue gun, and glue it all around," Seymore said.

In about 15 minutes, you'll have a beautiful wreath.

Remember, hot glue guns can be dangerous if not used properly. Children will need to have adult supervision around any tools or projects for safety sake.

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