What's worse, drunk or crazy? 'The Bachelor' answers that question

ByJennifer Matarese KTRK logo
Tuesday, January 13, 2015
On his second group date, "The Bachelor" Chris Soules goes Zombie hunting with paint guns with several of the women.

NEW YORK -- This week picked up right where last week left off. Kimberly walks back in to the mansion talk to Chris Soules. The other ladies were stunned! She told him that she didn't get a chance to talk to him that night and she didn't want this opportunity to slip through her fingers. She said that she felt meant to be there to meet him and she didn't understand why he didn't pick her. Chris said it is a difficult decision and he doesn't even know what to say. Chris Harrison said he could do whatever he wants, if he wants her to stay she can stay, if not send her home for good.

Then there was a big shock for the other ladies when Kimberly and Chris walked in hand and hand and she gets another shot! They all politely clapped for her but were shooting her daggers with her eyes. But, he was kind enough to keep her around, now we'll have to wait and see if romance blossoms.

Chris Harrison spoke with Chris about whether or not he remembers anything from the night before. He said that he doesn't even really know what he's looking for; except that he wants to find someone he can't live without and has a special connection with. He lives right next door to the mansion the ladies are staying in so he decides to take full advantage and visit a lot.

The first date card arrived and it said, "Jade, Sandra, Ashley I., Mackenzie, Kimberly, and Tara - Show me your country." Several of the women gasped when Kimberly's name was said, I guess they are upset she took up one of "their" spaces. They go to TenTen Wilshire in LA and meet up with Chris. This date is like the big redemption date for Kimberly and Tara (the drunk one from the first night). They have a pool party. Of course they do the standard "Bachelor" chicken fights in the pool.

Chris and Kimberly got to chat first. He said for a fresh start he would walk up to her brand new like they had never met and start over. She said that he really put her at ease. It seems like they have a promising start.

Meantime two of the ladies, Jillian and Megan) decided to sneak into Chris' house and see what's going on over there. They took his helmet and started ramming their head into things to see if Chris is safe on his motorcycle. That was pretty creepy. Also there was an oddly placed square over Jillian's nether-region and it appears her bikini bottoms should just not bother to exist because they aren't doing their job.

After some time in the pool, they go for a walk down the street in their bikinis while Chris wore shorts and a sweatshirt. What's up with that? They come upon some tractors and they learn they are going to have a tractor race. It wasn't very exciting; Chris said it was "like watching old people go down the street with walkers." Ashley I. won the race. She does look like a Kim Kardashian knock-off. She gets some one-on-one time with Chris.

Back at the house, they were anxiously awaiting another date card. While they did that, Juelia revealed that she has a daughter named Ireland and she was married to her father, but it happened when she was just born and that he killed himself. She said that she realized he had been struggling but she couldn't really understand how serious it was and she feels guilty now that she didn't know. She talks to her daughter about him, but she'll never know her father which is heartbreaking. She said that she plans to tell Chris about it but wants to do it when she has more than 5 minutes to talk to him.

After the big race and chat with Ashley I. Chris says that he'd like to finish the date with just one woman. He chose Mackenzie! He picked her, but hadn't yet given her a date rose which is an interesting twist. Chris said that it was nice to have a normal date as they sat down at a restaurant. Mackenzie noticed a little mark on his ear and asked him if he ever had his ear pierced and he had! She said that she likes guys with big noses and he has a good one, which he was a little surprised about it. He thought it was completely bizarre. Then she asks him if he believes in aliens! Chris seems to think that there are red flags popping up because she said "I don't know" when he asked if she's ever seen an alien before. She told him that she hadn't been on a real date in a year. She was trying to lead up to telling him about her son, Kale. Chris was surprised that she had a 1-year-old but said that she's a tough girl and he admires her for doing it all on her own. He's such a nice guy! Is it just me, or does this girl look like she has drunk eyes? She really did light up while showing Chris pictures of him; you can tell how much she loves him. Chris thinks that's a very attractive quality. Chris took out the date rose and he told her he's 33 years old and kids don't scare him and he sees something very genuine from her and that she is also smart and beautiful, so he offers her the rose! They didn't kiss right away, but did while they were dancing at the restaurant!

Another date card arrived and it said, "Megan, Love is a natural wonder." She didn't seem to understand that it was a one-on-one date! She thought it was a love note ha-ha! While Megan is getting ready, Mackenzie tells the ladies that Chris kissed her on their date and he kissed her five times! They all hated her immediately.

Chris shows up and every time he enters the room, they screamed and cheers. That's got to be weird! He says that she made a great impression on him the first night and wants to spend more time with her. They go to an airport and they took a mystery flight on a private plane to Las Vegas! Then they boarded a helicopter for a tour of the area. They see the Hoover Dam, the desert, and then the amazing Grand Canyon! Now that's the way to see it! How breathtakingly beautiful! Chris said that it was amazing being with her there and sharing that experience. They landed inside the Canyon and sat down to have a picnic and a chat. He told her that she has the most beautiful blue eyes "in North America". She shared that just days after getting the call from "The Bachelor" casting people her dad was found unconscious and he later passed away from a massive heart attack. Her mother encouraged her to continue on and be on the show despite having this huge heart break such a short time ago. She said that she wanted him to know that she's there for the "right reasons" and it's a huge leap of faith. Chris really seemed to like her a lot and appreciate her being there. He said he could see a future with her. "It is a perfect day with a perfect person," Chris said.

Chris said that he felt as though he has known Megan much longer than they have. He took out a rose and said that he thinks that there is something there and wanted to know if she would accept his rose. She did! They kissed and Megan said she is "head over heels" for Chris and she's never had that feeling before about a guy. They took a hike in the Canyon and did a lot of kissing. He said it was one of the most romantic moments of his life.

Another date card arrived. This time it said, "Kelsey, Trina, Alyssa, Tracy, Jillian, Becca, Amber, Ashley S., Juelia, Kaitlyn, and Britt, 'Till death do us part." That's pretty creepy! And it got worse! The limo pulled up to a haunted house! Several of the ladies were very freaked out and didn't even want to go inside. Goblins and zombies started popping up at the limo's windows! It was so scary!

Then, Chris popped in as the ladies were terrified and they smothered him with hugs! That's one way to get some body contact! They got some paint guns and they had to shoot zombies. It's almost like a real-life video game. Britt says that she's "amazing at paintball". Ashley S. didn't understand that they were shooting zombies and not each other and was resisting in even playing. Chris is already starting to think that Ashley S. is crazy. She walks right through the zombies though! It was so funny, because then she started shooting the "dead" zombies! "She's in a different world, there's no question," Chris said about Ashley S.

They found the "beacon" and then they got rewarded with a cocktail party. The girls all talk about who's getting the date rose and Ashley S. says "maybe the angel". What does that mean? Meantime, Kaitlyn says that she just wants to have fun with "The Bachelor" during their one-on-one time. She kept things light which I think he needs after all of the sob stories he's been getting lately. He told her he finds her really sexy. "What the hell is she doing here for me is my biggest question," Chris said. He actually kissed her during their one-on-one chat!

Then, crazy Ashley S. tells Chris that she wants to play hide and seek with him. He goes along with it and asks if she wants to be the hider or the seeker and she doesn't answer the question. Then they go around exploring and she starts talking about the Mesa Verde again. They talk about his biggest fears, but she interrupts and asks him if they are in a dome...what on earth?! He can't seem to understand what's going on with her and she even interrupts his interview segment with the cameras. She says that she's not just going to be fake with him and then tells him that his leather smells great. Then he asks her how she's holding up and she says "I don't know what you are getting at?" He tells her that she needs to go to bed and they can chat tomorrow. Kaitlyn tells America that she is full-blown crazy girl on "The Bachelor and it's not staged. Chris says that something has "definitely gotten to her head" and he doesn't think it's the right setting to make a decision about her.

Britt meantime wants to regain her place as his favorite lady. She got the first impression rose, but she needs to re-establish the connection. Britt told him that the right thing will happen and she's not stressed. She just wants to know that he's noticing her. She was like a breath of fresh air after his disastrous time with Ashley S. He gave her a little gift, which was a card that said "free kiss from Chris". As a play on the "Free hugs" card that she gave him the first night. That was so sweet!

He came back to the group of ladies and it was time to hand out the group date rose. He says that he's going to trust his gut. Chris picked up the rose and asked Kaitlyn if she would accept it and she of course said yes.

During the cocktail party before the rose ceremony he spoke with Whitney one-on-one. They talked about the great girls there and he gave him a bottle of his favorite whiskey to have a toast. She said that she can't change the fact that they didn't have a date but she is hopefully for the future.

Meantime, we find out that Ashley I. is a virgin and she's never had a boyfriend! She says she hopes that Chris is the guy to take it! Wow that's pretty bold for a girl who has saved it for so long! During their chat she gives him "one wish" on her magic lamp belly button ring. He rubs the magic lamp and they kiss because he said that he regretted not kissing her after the tractor date. All of the ladies saw them making out! Ick! Britt is horrified and crying because it's a horrible thing to see a guy you like a whole lot kissing someone else.

Then, Amber decides to tell him that she wants to kiss him and she says that kissing him put her on cloud 9. Jordan is drunk again; she's been drunk in the house a lot this week. She pushes Amber when she finds out she kissed him and goes on a mission to find Chris. She says she hasn't gotten to know Chris at all so she has occupied her time by drinking apparently. She interrupts Chris time with someone else and then sloppily fixes her lipstick in front of him and he can clearly tell that she's drunk. They have some awkward silences and Chris says, "Any who..." It was cute. He really deals with these situations so well. It's so uncomfortable to watch! I have to say that Jordan is a funny girl though, she has a great sense of humor and it's too bad her drunkenness outshined that.

Finally, we get to see who Chris decides to give the rest of his roses to:


Ashley I.





(Oh my goodness, Jillian starts walking to the rose, thinking he said her name, and she slips and falls on the carpet!)



Jillian (He should have given it to her after the fall!)






Ashley S. (SERIOUSLY?! What are you thinking Chris???)

OK. Poor Kimberly, he would rather have crazy girl Ashley S. than a normal girl from Long Island. I hope she finds someone great, maybe on "Bachelor in Paradise" perhaps, hint, hint producers! Poor drunk Tara and Jordan also got the boot as did the flight attendant from New Jersey.

So what's worse, drunk or crazy? In Chris' book that would be drunk. I have to say that I think Tara is a real girl, and I like how real she actually is. I hope that she gets things together, I have no doubt there is someone great out there for her!

Next week, Jimmy Kimmel shows up to help Chris on his journey to find love! I can't wait to see that, it's going to be great!