'The Bachelor' Chris selects final two after fantasy dates

ByJennifer Matarese KTRK logo
Tuesday, February 24, 2015

NEW YORK -- This week, Chris had three fantasy dates with his remaining ladies in Bali! It's so beautiful there and as you know, this is the time when Chris Harrison gives the couples the awkward envelopes that ask if they'd like to forego their individual rooms to spend more time together in the fantasy suite!

His first date was with Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn wants to tell Chris out loud that she loves him and not just with a billboard like last week. They went up to some women that showed them how to walk around with baskets on their heads and do some kind of flower ceremony. Then they went for a walk around the town where they met some locals, had some drinks, and even got to play with some wild monkeys that come right up to humans! They went to a place where they could buy some bananas and feed them to the monkeys! Poor Chris, one of the little monkeys actually peed on him. He's going to need to change that. Chris wore his pee pee shirt for quite a while actually. Kaitlyn always seems to get the very casual dates; it would have been nice to see her get a fancy date for once.

Later, Chris and Kaitlyn sat down to dinner and he thought she looked amazing. Kaitlyn was incredibly nervous and said that she is starting to freak out that she's very invested in him at this point and she doesn't really know where she stands. They both talked about how they had no negative feelings about their relationship and then they did a lot of kissing. When the time came, Kaitlyn opted to spend more time with Chris in the fantasy suite which was just beautiful looking. It was filled with flowers and candles. Once inside, she told Chris that she is falling in love with him and he seemed happy to hear it.

Whitney met Chris at a boat dock and they boarded a beautiful yacht. They drank wine and had fruit and kisses! They sailed the Indian Ocean, but not after hitting the dock, oops! There was even a rainbow over them! They seemed really comfortable and natural together. They jumped off the boat and into the water and Whitney says that she has no doubt at all that she wants Chris to be her husband and she feels "very confident" that she's going to marry Chris.

At dinner, Whitney got emotional talking about how things were getting down to the wire. Chris was nervous himself because he wants to make sure that Whitney is really ok with giving up her job to move to a small town on a farm. She's really the only woman who didn't get to see his town, so Chris told her that she will not have many friends and not have much to do because there are just 500 people living in Arlington. She said that she wants to be a wife and a mother and her career is basically something to fall back on someday. She said that she's ready to have babies and that would be her career and she's just ready for that. Hope Chris is ready for a bunch of babies! Whitney accepted the fantasy suite without hesitation. It was another beautiful room that had its own pool attached!

Becca was last up for her fantasy date. It must be really hot there, because Chris was incredibly sweaty. Then they went to a Balinese medicine man and he told them that they should "make love" on their big date that night. That's just what Becca, the virgin, wants to hear. No pressure Becca!

Becca knows that she has to tell Chris about her virginity and she says that she plans on telling him about it when the "fantasy suite" card arrives. Great timing...yeah. First, they talked about whether or not she could see a life in Arlington and she said that she would be willing to move as long as she's really confident in their relationship. She told him that she's falling in love with him and he told her that he's also falling in love with her too. I was shocked he said that! Then, the "fantasy suite" card arrived and Chris asked her what she thought. She said she's love to spend the whole night talking and getting to know him better. But, once they were inside the room, that's when she dropped the V-bomb! Chris seemed shocked, but he handled it like a gentleman of course. He said he didn't know how to respond at first and said that he respects her a lot. She says that she's 100% all in, falling in love with him; she wants to wait for marriage, but let's see what happens.

Apparently, Chris and Becca had a "serious conversation" in the morning and it really scared Chris. He doesn't know where he stand with her and doesn't know what to do. He said Becca has had some big reservations about moving to Arlington. He thinks he might need to send her home because she might not be able to fit into his world. It brings tears to his eyes because he has real genuine feelings for her.

Chris Harrison sat down with Chris to talk to him about what he wants to do at the rose ceremony. He's really torn about Becca. He said he's confident with his decision about one rose, but the second, he just doesn't know. He doesn't know if it's worth the gamble on Becca. He said he doesn't know if he's in love with Whitney yet, so it seems like she may be the toss up here.

Before the rose ceremony in a temple, Chris Harrison told him that they all need to respect the rules of the temple, no kissing, just hand holding is acceptable. They were all dressed in authentic attire and Chris made his way down towards the ladies. He seemed so torn still. Before he gave out any roses, Chris pulled Becca aside for a talk. She told him that she's crazy about him and that she's not feeling the feelings of falling in love with him because of the show, it's just because she honestly feels them. She didn't want him to think that and she wants him to have all the information before he makes his decision either way. She added that she's willing to have more conversations about moving to Arlington also, and that it's not off the table. Kaitlyn was feeling very happy that Becca might be getting eliminated, only to see him walk back up into the temple with Becca, holding her hand. She said, "Oh shoot!"

After collecting his thoughts, Chris picked up the first rose and gave it to Whitney. The second rose went to Becca. Poor Kaitlyn! Kaitlyn and Chris walked off together and were holding hands. He told her that he was sorry, hugged her, and she asked what happened. He told her that nothing happened and that his decision basically makes no sense but he has to just trust himself even though he doesn't know if it's the right thing. A rooster crowed awkwardly during their breakup, and then he told her that he thinks the world of her and that there is no easy decision. With that, he walked her to a waiting van. He cradled her head for a little bit outside as she cried, and then she got inside the van and said it was the "most humiliating moment" of her whole life. She said that she's really confused and it blows her mind.

Next week, it's "The Women Tell All"! It should be pretty juicy with Kelsey, Britt, Carly, and the recently eliminated Kaitlyn. Apparently Ashley S. will explain her crazy behavior. You won't want to miss it!