Daddy-daughter trio leaves crowd stunned at school talent show

KLEIN, Texas (KTRK) -- A daddy-daughter trio is creating some buzz following their talent show performance Friday at Lemm Elementary School in Spring.

Chris Larmouth, and his 6 and 7-year-old daughters, Ellie and Eva, took the stage to perform a family act that included singing and makeshift acrobatics.

But what the crowd didn't know, was that the mind-blowing performance started as casual bedtime routine activity, meant for fun.

"We just would play around before bed as a way to like prolong bedtime," Chris said.

His daughters loved to practice balancing on his hands, feet, and shoulders.

They eventually created routines, and he said it was their grandmother who first saw it and was wowed by it.

Chris and Ellie locked in a routine and practiced for months. Eva put her vocals to work as she practiced the song she would perform, "Into the Unknown."

Months of hard work was showcased in the only parent/student performance of the night.

"It was really special. I mean, to see the progression and to see they were willing to stick to something. There were times it wasn't the easiest. They kept doing it over and over again."

The end result blew the crowd away after they saw the stunning act that stemmed from the bedroom.

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