On The Red Carpet talks to the stars of 'Chevalier'

Kelvin Harrison Jr., Lucy Boynton and Samara Weaving tell all to George Pennacchio

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Monday, April 17, 2023
On The Red Carpet Presents Chevalier - 04/16/23

LOS ANGELES -- "One day the whole world will know me."

And On The Red Carpet is getting to know the stars of Searchlight Pictures' critically acclaimed movie "Chevalier." The movie tells the story of an unknown Black violinist and composer named Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges and his rise to fame.

Kelvin Harrison, Jr. who stars in the title role, said the role feels like a dream, considering his first instrument as a kid was the violin.

Lucy Boynton stars as Marie Antoinette and Samara Weaving plays Marie-Josephine de Montalembert.

George Pennacchio goes in-depth with all three stars about this story and why moviegoers will want to experience it all.

Watch On The Red Carpet's look at "Chevalier" in the video above and see "Chevalier" in theaters April 21.

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