CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Man hit by truck in Houston intersection

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- There's new shocking video of an accident in northwest Harris County shows just how quickly things can go terribly wrong on Houston streets.

"The guy was in his own world. That's what it looked like, to be honest," said Saad Khan.

The accident happened Tuesday morning around 8:40 at Highway 6 and Smithstone. A truck making a left turn onto Highway 6 hit a man walking in the crosswalk. Witnesses say the truck came within a few feet of running over his head. They're amazed he survived.

Khan's dash camera captured video of the accident. He tells us he wasn't paying attention at the moment it happened. One moment all was normal, the next moment he saw the man lying in the street.

"I thought maybe there was a guy, he fell off the truck and I didn't realize the truck actually hit the guy at that time," Khan said.

That realization came when he got to work and looked back through the video.

"I was totally shocked," Khan said. "My family and friends and my co-worker ... all pray for him, for his safety and for his health."

In the video, you see a few cars turn onto the highway, and they stop to help. Then a tow truck pulls a U-Turn and that driver blocked traffic. We spoke with the tow truck driver on the phone. He told us that man was unconscious on the ground for a few minutes. He had a big cut on the back of his head, and over his eye and possible broken bones. When he woke up, the tow truck driver says the victim couldn't talk.

"I don't know how the man is right now, but I just hope he's OK," Khan says.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office told Eyewitness News the victim was airlifted to Ben Taub Hospital. There's no word on his condition.

Saad Khan says he put the video out because even though he doesn't know who was at fault, there's a lesson for us all.

"I'm not sure why the truck driver or the pedestrian didn't see each other. To be honest, for me, drivers should be more vigilant," he says.

It's unclear if the driver was cited or faces charges.
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