Grocery store fight breaks out at Galveston Kroger

GALVESTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A brawl on a grocery aisle in Galveston sent nearby shoppers running for cover, as two women hurled canned goods at each other.

It happened Tuesday evening at a Kroger's store on Seawall Boulevard. In the video, that was taken by a witness, then posted on social media, the two women were shouting at each other, when one throws a can at the other. The intended target threw a can of her own.

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Cans started flying from the shelves when tempers got heated at a Galveston grocery store.

Neither woman was injured. The two are said to be related to each other, and there's been ongoing friction between them that boiled over when they encountered each other while shopping.

A Galveston Police Department spokesperson said police were not called to the store, nor was a police report filed by either of the women.

The video was shown to people outside the store Friday, which stunned a tourist from North Dakota.

"I think that when you're in public, just have ways that you act around other people, and ways that you don't," said Kayley Meredith.

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