Uber promises big changes after high-profile incidents

SAN FRANCISCO, California -- Uber is promising big changes after a series of high-profile incidents ranging from sexual harassment allegations to the company's CEO being caught on a dash cam arguing with an Uber driver.

Company executives say Uber is more popular than ever. Uber's top female leaders spoke of necessary changes coming their way.

"Going forward, there can be no room at Uber for brilliant jerks, and zero tolerance for anything but totally respectable behavior in an equitable workplace environment," board member Ariana Huffington said.

Last month, a video surfaced of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick arguing with an Uber driver about fare changes. The company is also accused of a sexual harassment cover-up.

Crisis communications expert Rolando Bonilla thinks holding Tuesday's conference call was a good move. "They absolutely had to do something about that, and this gives them the best opportunity to reset," said Bonilla.

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Uber promises more diversity training, better communication with drivers on how they're paid, and more driver support. "If there is any way for things to be improved it's welcomed," said Bonilla.

"It needs good management right now," said Uber driver Glenn Sherman. "Right now, we have someone standing in the way of good management, who is the founder of the company."

Kalanick wasn't part of Tuesday's call and has no intention of stepping down. Uber does plan to hire a new chief operations officer.

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