Canadian man who loves Trader Joe's opens spinoff

VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- One man is taking his love for California-based Trader Joe's to a whole new level.

"My name is Mike Hallatt," said the Canadian resident. "I own Pirate Joe's."

Hallat's store in Vancouver is filled with over 1,200 secondhand Trader Joe's products.

He says that after visiting the grocery store, he was hooked.

"I own it," he said. "I get to do with it whatever I want, including selling to somebody who's happy buying used groceries from me. I mean, basically, that's what it is -- buying secondhand groceries from a couple of pirates."

He visits 15 stores in the Seattle area, purchases carts full of groceries, and drives them back to Vancouver.

Hallat claims he has the right as an individual to resell anything he legally owns.

But he understands how silly his store is, and just wants Trader Joe's to open a location in Vancouver. null
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