Brother shot and killed while trying to protect sister from her husband

FRESNO, California -- Jose Duran Jr., 29, is the indirect victim of domestic violence.

Authorities say Duran Jr., was trying to help his sister move away from her allegedly abusive husband when he was killed by Eric Ordonez

"The victim's brother, Jose Duran Jr., stepped in between the suspect Eric Ordonez and his sister just as Ordonez was firing the handgun, a round from that handgun struck Duran in the neck," said Fresno police chief Jerry Dyer.

A highway patrol helicopter spotted Ordonez running from the scene. He was followed to a backyard shed half a mile away and arrested. But police are still looking for the gun.

"We are in need of that handgun used in this homicide," Dyer said. "Somewhere between the house where this occurred, 2694 W. Fairmont and that shed, that gun went missing."

It's an area that has been plagued by crime, but neighbors say things had been getting better until this incident.

"It is domestic violence; it is nothing to do with the neighborhood," said Ronald Hollinger.

Domestic violence is on the rise across Fresno. There were nearly 150 reports of domestic violence in the city so far in 2019, a nearly 35 percent increase over this time last year.

Police cannot point to a specific reason. But those living in the area of this latest shooting have asked police for help, and the officers are responding.

"(We) are going to come out on Monday and speak to that neighborhood about what they can do to combat domestic violence how to report that and help people that are victims," said Capt. Burke Farrah.

Ordonez is being held on murder charges. Police say in addition to shooting Duran Jr. He also tried to shoot Duran's father, but the gun apparently misfired.

Police are concerned the gun is still out there and could be found by a child.
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