Flood victims make Fort Bend County hotel new home for now

ByLauren Lea KTRK logo
Monday, June 6, 2016

RICHMOND, TX (KTRK) -- Some of the flood victims who still can't return home are staying in hotels like the La Quinta Inn in Rosenberg.

"My mom said we lost everything," Dontae Thrash said. "I'm just praying to God everything is going to be OK, you know?"

On Sunday evening, flood victims from different towns were congregating outside the main entrance. Some of them have been there for several days already.

"We've been to Red Cross. I did the FEMA online. Still haven't heard anything," Rosie Bee said.

The hotel was the best option for her family of seven.

"My daughter, she has a guinea pig. When we went to that one shelter, guinea pigs weren't allowed," she explained.

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The hotel is a home away from home, but it comes at a price.

"Actually to tell you the truth, I dipped into my 401k. I couldn't afford this. I've paid over $400 already and I'm working on being here probably another 5 to 6 days," Deborah Brown said.

The Brazos River is slowly receding, but life still goes on.

"I'm just now getting off work 'cause I had to work today," Leslie Bradford said. "I still have to work. I can't sit around. I'm glad of that because I'd probably lose my mind sitting there, twiddling my thumbs wondering what's going to happen."

No one is sure how much longer they will be living there, or what will be left once they finally leave.

"After every storm, there's sunshine," Thrash said optimistically.