Atlanta Braves fan helps Houston Astros fan keep promise to his daughter

Friday, October 29, 2021
Braves fan helps Astros Fan keep promise to his daughter
This Friendswood dad was so desperate to take his daughter to a World Series game, he was willing to trade his high priced memorabilia for tickets. But instead, an Braves fan stepp

FRIENDSWOOD, Texas (KTRK) -- The story of one Atlanta Braves fan helping an Astros fan has bridged the ultimate rivalry in baseball, as their teams duke it out for the World Series title.

It began back in 2018 when Friendswood father David Bramlet promised his 11-year-old-daughter he'd take her to a World Series game the next time the Houston Astros made it.

"We're diehard fans," he said.

But their chance on the world stage came just has Bramlet is recovering from a financial hit after the pandemic. He just couldn't afford the high-priced tickets.

Determined to keep his promise, he took to social media and offered his prized Astros collection as a trade.

"(I've) been collecting Astros gear for a long time," Bramlet said.

His vintage Astrodome seats and a signed Jose Altuve jersey make his collection worth thousands of dollars.

Just as he was starting to get online interest, Bramlet received an unexpected offer.

"People were starting to chomp at the bit for it and I was like, 'Bro, don't sell your stuff, like don't sell it. Your kid is going to want to put that stuff in her house one day. I got you,'" said Miles Neal.

A fellow baseball diehard and father, Neal is a Braves fan who was allowed into an Astros fans Facebook group to look for tickets himself when he saw the plea. Neal said he knew he had to help this Texas dad keep his promise.

"He was willing to sell all his World Series Altuve stuff because he made a promise to his daughter," said Neal. "I thought, 'Man that's integrity right there.'"

"He bought them right then and there and gave them to us," said Bramlet.

"My heart just felt like really blessed," said Bramlet's daughter, 11-year-old Addison.

Thanks to this Braves fan, she and her dad are now set to attend their first World Series game together next Tuesday, hoping the Astros make to Game Six.

"A lot of people on Facebook are just super excited. This is the kind of news we want to hear about with all the stress that everybody's been dealing with," said Bramlet.

From one dad to another, one fan to another, together they are showing us all that kindness crosses all rivalries.

"Baseball is what connects us, you know, but it's bigger than that. It's about love and compassion and family, and trying to unify such a diced-up country, and being good to each other," said Neal.

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