ANOTHER BET: Chief Acevedo is ready to get his claws on some Boston lobster

BOSTON, Massachusetts (KTRK) -- If the Astros win the American League Championship Series, that means Houston's police chief will receive a Boston delicacy.

At Red's Best, by the Boston Harbor, employees know all about lobster.

"There's like sweet meat in the legs," Red's Best floor manager Matteo Passanisi said. "The antenna, that's also got meat. Claw meat is highly sought after, and obviously the tail."

You can buy lobster in other parts of the country, but Passanisi said you won't find any better.

"It's the cold water," Passanisi said. "It's really the cold water."

It's a food Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo might get his claws on soon. If the Astros win, Boston Police Department Commissioner William Gross is sending seven 2-pound lobsters.

Passanisi said that's about $160 worth of lobster and shipping. To cook the 2-pound lobsters, you simply boil them for eight minutes.

"You're going to have to crack those claws," Passanisi said. "A 2-pound lobster is probably going to have pretty hard claws. You're going to have to get the cracker, or you could hit it with a hammer."

Then, just add lemon juice and butter. You don't even have to visit the harbor to enjoy lobster either.

If your hunger and hammer are waiting, Red's Best can send it your way.

"We ship to Houston," Passanisi said. "We ship anywhere. Anywhere through the U.S."

If the Red Sox come back and take the series, the police commissioner would get a taste of Texas. Chief Acevedo has agreed to send some Tex-Mex.

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