Wrap it up: new police device designed to be pain-free deterrent

Sunday, October 13, 2019
New police device is pain-free deterren
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It looks like something out of a Batman movie and its creators promise it's effective.

EDENTON, North Carolina -- Police in one city have a new tool to be able to bring dangerous suspects under control.

It's called the BolaWrap.

When fired by an officer at a suspect, a Kevlar tether with hooks shoots-out, wrapping around the target.

The device's creator and police say if used correctly, it can de-escalate a dangerous situation, perhaps better than a Taser or gun.

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Henry King is the police chief in Edenton, a small town in the northeastern corner of North Carolina.

"This gives us an extra tool to be able to take someone into custody without using a high level of force," King said.

King says once his officers go through training, they'll have the device to use on the street if necessary.