'What's gonna happen!?' 'Bluey' stars call season finale 'scary and exciting'

ByJoseph Maxfield OTRC logo
Friday, April 12, 2024
'What's gonna happen!?' 'Bluey' stars call season finale 'scary and...
The third season of the hit children's series "Bluey" is wrapping up with a supersized finale.

LOS ANGELES -- The third season of the hit children's series "Bluey" is wrapping up with a supersized finale.

For the first time, the normally seven-minute show has a 28-minute episode premiering this weekend on Disney+ and Disney Junior.

On The Red Carpet talked with voice actors Melanie Zanetti and David McCormack who play "Chili" and "Bandit," better known as "Mum" and "Dad" about the longest "Bluey" ever.

"It really makes sense to have a 28-minute episode now," Zanetti said, "because we're so familiar with the characters and we're so invested in the characters and their journey and their life."

"There's (sic) characters coming in and out. There's guest appearances. There's drama and suspense," added McCormack.

There are also some big life decisions hanging in the balance in the episode titled "The Sign," including a wedding and the revelation that Bluey and her family may be moving out of their home!

"When Mel and I recorded this, we did this in two sessions," McCormack explained. "So when we were doing the first half at the time, we didn't know how it was going to end. So like, I'm reading it, I'm talking to (show creator Joe Brumm), he's not giving me anything. He's not giving anything away. And I'm like, 'what's gonna happen?'"

"I was like, 'what is happening?'" Zanetti agreed. "What is going to happen? What does this mean for you know, where we're headed in the future. So that was like scary and exciting. But also, Chili has a really big arc in this 28 minutes and has some real moments of vulnerability. And that was really exciting to explore as, as an actor."

"Bluey's" season 3 grand finale episode, "The Sign," premieres Sunday, April 14 on Disney Junior and Disney Plus.

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