Connecticut bear attack: 74-year-old woman attacked by bear while walking dog, officials say

Communities coast to coast on alert after spike in bear encounters

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Sunday, April 23, 2023
74-year-old woman attacked by bear while walking dog: officials
Do bears attack humans? A 74-year-old woman was injured in an Avon bear attack in Connecticut.

HARTFORD, Conn. -- Communities coast to coast are on alert after a spike in bear encounters.

A 74-year-old Connecticut woman is now hospitalized after getting bit by a black bear. She was walking her dog 20 minutes outside Hartford.

That bear was euthanized on-site. This is now the second bear to be euthanized in the same week, in the same area.

"I do tell my kids to be careful, and stuff like that, this time of year, because it is very prevalent," sadi Matthew Beizer, a Simsbury, Connecticut resident.

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Biezer lives one town over, and says he sees a bear at least once a week. He says he warns his family to stay away from cubs.

"I mean, this time of year, you do have to sort of keep your head on a swivel," said Biezer.

Bears are popping up in backyards all over. Who could forget when an Asheville, North Carolina man was lounging in his chair before suddenly locking eyes with a startled bear.

And, over in California, as that record snow melts, bears are emerging from hibernation hungry. A mom and her two cubs were spotted in Lake Tahoe, and one homeowner saw two large bears right outside.

Experts said to keep trash, especially food waste, indoors and covered until just before it's about to be collected. And, keep windows and doors locked.

Of course, officials said to keep as much distance from a bear as possible. The 74-year-old woman hospitalized will be OK, according to officials.