Company paid employees in beer, now ordered to use cash

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Thursday, July 3, 2014
pint of beer
In this photo taken Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2013, brewer Stefano Daneri holds up a beer at Good People Brewing in Birmingham, AL.
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AUCKLAND, New Zealand (KTRK) -- A New Zealand company that tried to pay it's employees in beer is now being ordered to pay them in cash.

A former employee of SN Windows and Doors Ltd in Auckland says the company didn't pay him a minimum wage and fired him unfairly.

A spokesperson for the company says the worker was paid correctly. The company also says the worker was never fired, "he simply failed to turn up at work."

The spokesperson then admitted the company occasionally paid staff with a few beers.

A court sided with the worker. The company has now been ordered to pay him a total of $12,360.25 for lost remuneration, distress compensation, shortfall in wages, unpaid public holidays, unpaid holiday pay, legal costs and filing fees.