Bear vs man debate: Women respond after being asked which they would rather run into in the woods

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Friday, May 3, 2024
Viral debate: Would you rather run into a bear or a man in the woods?
While at first the questions seems funny and obvious, the answers might shock you and are causing debate.

In an insanely viral video, random women are asked if they were alone in the woods, would they rather encounter a bear or a man?

While at first, the question seems funny and obvious, the answers might shock you and are causing debate.

Here's how they answered: One out of seven women voted that they would rather encounter a man.

The bear vs man debate has opened up a huge and critical discussion about women's safety and why women fear men more than a potentially deadly animal.

Comments have been coming in from all over the world.

"I know a bear's intention. I don't know a man's intentions. No matter how nice they are," one person said.

"No one's gonna ask me if I led the bear on or give me a pamphlet on bear attack prevention tips," another commented.

"If the bear attacks me and I make it out of the woods, everybody's gonna believe me and have sympathy for me. But if a man attacks me and I make it out, I'm gonna spend my whole life trying to get people to believe me and have sympathy for me," another said.

Many men are flabbergasted and many got defensive.

One guy said men should stand down and listen to what these women are truly saying here.

"The bottom line here is that women are terrified of men and that's not up for debate. That is how they feel about men," he said. "The question has nothing to do with the bear and everything to do with how they feel around men."

One woman also posted her thoughts on this and had a man proceed to harass her on social media. She says he followed her to every one of her platforms in an effort to try and prove that men are safe. He even posted statistics.

However, when she asked him to stop and leave her alone, he allegedly found her at work - basically proving the point.