Vertical dance company 'Bandaloop' elevates traditional performance art

ByJobina Fortson Localish logo
Monday, November 7, 2022
Bandaloop elevates dancing to new heights
Dance, soar, and fly through the sky with Bandaloop!

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Forget the ballroom, why not dance on the side of a building instead. Vertical dance company, "Bandaloop" weaves choreography and climbing technology for perspective-bending experiences.

"I love this work because it's the closest to flying I'm ever going to get," described Rose Huey, Core Dancer and Instructor at Bandaloop.

Huey adds, "I think it also creates a lot of inspiration and really does change people's perspective and relationship to their own bodies, or maybe to each other, as well as their physical city that they're living in."

Bandaloop puts on unique performances alongside skyscrapers, bridges, billboards, and more in cities across the globe.

"We have performed at over 300 sites in over 30 countries," explained Melecio Estrella, Bandaloop's Artistic Director/Dancer. "Dance for me is joy, dance for me is community, dance for me is culture, and so we're bringing that in a really unexpected way."

In addition to sharing moving public performances, the company encourages all to join in on the fun by offering dance workshops for children and adults who would like to explore airborne choreography.

"We have our studio headquarters in West Oakland, California, they're currently undergoing construction for expansion," said Huey. "We're hoping to open in 2023 with 2 fully rigged vertical dance studios, which we will teach classes."

For more information, visit here. Follow @bandalooping on Instagram.