Bystander saves MLB scout who had heart attack while driving

THE WOODLANDS, Texas (KTRK) -- Baseball is all about teamwork, but a scout was all on his own when he had an emergency behind the wheel back in May.

Baltimore Orioles scout Tom Dreir was driving near The Woodlands on May 19 when he experienced a heart attack.

Adrian Heath, a stranger to Dreir, found himself in a position unplanned and unprepared.

Heath was minding his business, driving down Falconwing when he came across Dreir's car.

"He was stopped in the middle of the road, and I came by and looked the other way and saw him slumped down in his car," Heath said.

Heath says seconds later, the car started to move. Dreir was still slumped and his car went into the ditch.

Heath pulled over immediately and called 911.

PJ Mallare was the 911 dispatcher who took the call.

"With major heart attacks like that, time is crucial," Mallare said.

And in this dire situation, the timing here was perfect. Mallare walked Heath through CPR instructions step by step.

If you ask Heath today, he doesn't consider himself a hero. But when you ask Dreir, who spent months in recovery and is doing well today, he will tell you, "I was pretty lucky."

Lucky to have had someone like Adrian Heath cross his path that day.

"Apparently he was a big part of me not having any brain damage and recovering as well as I did," Dreir said.

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