#BAGELGATE: Man's photo of bagel sliced like loaf of bread sparks internet debate

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Thursday, March 28, 2019
People are debating over sliced bagels
It's BagelGate!

We've made it a few months into 2019 without a viral internet debate, so maybe this is the perfect time for BagelGate.

Yes, people are discussing how to eat a bagel online, and for some, sliced isn't it.

This latest debate sending the internet into a tailspin started with a St. Louis man who shared a picture of a box of bagels, sliced like a loaf of bread.

Apparently, it's easier to eat them this way, and the Twitter user said that when he shared them like this with his co-workers, it was a hit.

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But the judgment of Twitter is swift, so naturally there were a lot of reactions, ranging from some who thought it was genius to others who feel it's just plain wrong.

"Dear people who don't like their bagels sliced, I don't care. That's the best way to eat a bagel," one user named Renee said.

Another said, "I love how people are freaking out over bread-sliced bagels. But how else do you eat bagels?"

And Monica tweeted, "Once you try the slice, never again will you think twice!! #BagelGate."

Chips Ahoy even got in on this, turning it into an opportunity to let people vote on whether they would eat their cookies drowned in milk while the treat is still inside the packaging.

However you eat your bagels, sit back and enjoy until the next great internet debate rolls around.

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