Houstonians reveal secrets from 'Bachelor In Paradise'

Tuesday, August 5, 2014
Houstonians reveal secrets from 'Bachelor In Paradise'
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Houston's own Kalon McMahon and Ashlee Frazier share the inside scoop on the show where everyone's looking for love

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A new spinoff of "The Bachelor" franchise premiered Monday on ABC-13 with two Houstonians as part of the cast.

"Bachelor In Paradise" takes reality TV even further as it features couples battling over love in Mexico.

Houston's own Kalon McMahon and AshLee Frazier went back for more after their stints on "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette." They shared their secrets exclusively with ABC-13 on what really goes on behind the scenes.

Viewers see beautiful people and exotic locations, but those who have been there know the truth.

"It's nowhere near as glamorous as people think it is," said McMahon. "When I was on 'The Bachelorette' I was in four countries in five days. You see all these magnificent aerial shots, but what people don't know is you're locked in these hotels, you're deprived from talking with family or friends, you don't get to read the newspaper, you have no idea what's going on in the world around you except for what they give you."

Frazier shares similar sentiments from her time on "The Bachelor."

"It's a well-produced show, let's just say that. They know your weaknesses, they know your strengths, and they know how to put those things together," Frazier said.

That's part of the reason why both signed up for the newest show.

"A lot of people say, 'Why do they keep recycling casts?' It's because they know exactly how to manipulate. They know some people are going to play ball. Some people are going to get caught up with feelings and after a tequila shot will pour out their hearts. It makes their job easy. They don't need to bring in new people," Frazier said.

There are even experts brought in to evaluate the personalities of each cast member.

"They have psychologists on board, and it's their job to mentally assess you to see how you're going to react to situations. I have to admit, they are very good at their jobs," McMahon said.

For weeks, the cast lives in a setting that's nowhere close to a five-star resort.

"It's literally like summer camp for adults. We're sleeping on bunk beds on top of each other, all sharing two showers, eating terrible food. It is not a glamorous life at all," McMahon said.

Unlike other Bachelor spinoffs, in paradise, there is no jackpot to win. So why go back to reality TV?

"People tend to call you back a lot quicker when you're involved with an ABC show," McMahon said. "It's definitely opened up a lot of business opportunities for me."

McMahon runs a successful franchise and Frazier has her own fashion blog. Perks include exclusive invites, gifts, and a huge social media presence.

"My following has definitely gone up since 'The Bachelor.' I would like it to double this season," Frazier said.

Neither would confirm they found love on the show, but McMahon teases that he makes 'Bachelor' history. Both McMahon and Frazier say this is their last stint with the "Bachelor" franchise.