Baby formula distribution event held in Third Ward to help families

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- In light of the baby formula shortage we see across the country, people across the community are banding together to help others struggling to find nutrition for their babies.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee held a drive-thru giveaway this afternoon where hundreds of cars could get their hands on formula.

Dozens of families in a line wrapped around a high school in the Third Ward on Saturday waited in hopes of getting their hands on baby formula.

"People using all they can have to survive. So it's been kind of a struggle," said a Houston mother, Brittinee Johnson.

Brittinee Johnson has a newborn named Maverick and says finding baby formula for him has been frustrating.

"Yeah, It's a little anxiety attack sometimes. Making sure from month to month since he's just a newborn, he just got here. It's a bit of a struggle," said Johnson.

A similar struggle many in this line have faced.

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Houston mother Ashley Woods says she's had to go to six stores before to find what she needs.

"My Goddaughter needs milk, and so does my son," said Woods.

The National Association of Christian Churches and Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee hosted the distribution set to help at least 300 families.

"If you see these cars and mothers, then you can understand why I thought it was important to come home from Washington," said Jackson Lee.

Congresswoman Jackson Lee says 43% of the stock of baby formula across the country is out.

People in line tell us they're starting to feel heard but need action.

"It's time we ramp up the Food and Drug Administration and see if there are any problems with the products we're importing. I want to make sure that it's all secure and safe. My concern is getting the product where it is housed and get it out to the streets," said Jackson Lee on Saturday afternoon.

For now, mothers like Brittinee Johnson are doing all they can to keep babies like Maverick fed and healthy.

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