Houston-area shop recreates 'Back to the Future' DeLorean

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2015 isn't looking like how 'Back to the Future' imagined it to be. But while hoverboards aren't reality, you can get your hands on a DeLorean

The year 2015 is here, and it looks nothing like how the movie "Back to the Future" imagined it to be. But while hoverboards aren't in the hands of every kid yet, here in Houston, you can get your hands on a DeLorean.

The DeLorean Motor Company, which is a sell and repair shop based in Humble, has recreated the Doc's DeLorean down to every devoted detail from the movie in celebration of the year Marty Mcfly and Dr. Emmett Brown zoom into the future.

"To coincide with this year, we actually put together a replica of the time machine ourselves just so we've got it for show and tell," said Steven Wynne, the CEO of DeLorean Motor Company.

Wynne said it costs about $50,000 to deck out a DeLorean in true movie fashion. You can also get behind the wheel of one yourself, if you're willing to shell out the dough.

"This year, with the price that we're selling the certified pre-owned cars, they're going for anywhere between $50,000 to $55,000 and up," said Wynne. "The prices for the DeLorean have been steadily increasing."

While business does get better each year, the DeLorean Motor Company is currently dealing with a lawsuit by the DeLorean family, who claims the company has been illegally using the DeLorean name to sell merchandise. The company said they can't really comment but that they did buy trademark rights after the original DeLorean company went bankrupt in the early '80s.

Either way, the DeLorean itself is a timeless symbol, loved by generations past and future.

If you're interested in checking out this particular DeLorean, it will be at the Alamo Drafthouse this Sunday, 01/25/15, where the theater will screen all three "Back to the Future" movies.
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