'Concert from hell': Astroworld Fest attendees describe chaos

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Monday, November 8, 2021
'Concert from hell': Astroworld Fest attendees describe chaos
Moments before arriving at the event, Zach and Kaia were all smiles. That changed during Travis Scott's first song. "I was literally praying 'Please get me out of here.'"

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A pair of Astroworld Festival concert goers say that within Travis Scott's first song on the Utopia stage, they decided they needed to get out.

The two told ABC13 they could not get out because for as many people who wanted to get out, even more people wanted to push their way to the front.

Zachary Scott and Kaia Redus recalled the look of terror on so many faces around them. They consider themselves survivors.

"They ruined Astroworld fest. The first time it was something where you have a fun time and you have fun stories to tell. This time you barely made it out alive," said 20-year-old Scott.

Scott and Redus took a picture prior to Astroworld Festival. They were smiling. Now, they're traumatized.

"Astroworld was totally different. It was like a concert from hell," said Scott.

The way they described the scene at NRG Park Friday night is enough to rattle someone who was not even there.

Fans were unable to breathe. Other fans were on the ground, some clawing on their clothes as a life line, trying to get up so they would not get trampled.

"I was literally praying 'Please get me out of here. This is not how I want to go, please,'" said Redus.

Redus and Scott said things escalated when Scott took the stage and people pushed their way to the front. Both of them were rescued by strangers.

Scott said he lost a lot of respect for the musician who he was a big fan of prior to Friday night.

"People are blaming it on these people are all on drugs," Scott said. "I was stone-cold sober the whole time and I could not get out of there."

Even after seeing the images of the concert, if you were not there, Scott and Redus said it's tough to fully comprehend the vulnerable situation thousands were in.

"That's not how a concert should be," Redus said.

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