Attempted murder suspect opens fire on police during chase in Utah

SPRINGVILLE, Utah -- New video shows the suspect in an attempted murder involved in a shootout before leading police in a high-speed chase.

Arturo Gallemore-Jimenez, 37, is behind bars after a violent barrage of gunfire caught on camera in Utah last month.

Officers said they were looking for Jimenez initially after he was seen shooting out the window of his own truck after locking his keys inside, KSL reports.

When police spotted him on I-15, the suspect allegedly fired three shots at officers.

Five officers responded by firing nearly 50 rounds in less than six seconds.

"This individual was going to use deadly force to get away from anything," Utah County Sheriff Jim Tracy said.

But Jimenez took off, leading officers in a chase. Nine miles later, an officer was able to stop the suspect by driving his patrol vehicle in front of the vehicle.

The officer then unloaded 27 rounds at the vehicle, and Jimenez crashed before surrendering.

When officers pulled Jimenez from the vehicle, they discovered he was wearing body armor.

They soon found out why he was so intent on getting away: he had allegedly shot someone in Colorado and left them for dead.

Jimenez's alleged victim survived, and it would only be a matter of time before police would begin their search for him.

Deputies said an innocent bystander who had run out of gas on the highway was hit in the shootout nearly one-third of a mile away.

The man had a gunshot wound in the shoulder, but was expected to be okay.

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