From WTC perch, dynamic duo empowers community through art

ByChristina Georgiou and Mark Nunez Localish logo
Friday, October 27, 2023
From WTC perch, dynamic duo empowers community through art
Together, as BoogieREZ, they live life to the fullest, sharing their passion with the world.

Lower Manhattan -- High above Manhattan, on the 69th floor of 4 World Trade Center, a remarkable dynamic duo thrives.

From photography, illustration, and painting, to graphic design, woodwork, and textiles, the artistic couple BoogieREZ embraces a positive energy where their creativity knows no bounds.

riiisaBoogie, also referred to as Boogie, is always experimenting with different processes and pushing the boundaries. Her work, influenced by street culture, nature, and dance, marries traditional Japanese print techniques with urban imagery.

Rez Ones, or Rez, is a self-taught visual artist whose creative journey began on the graffiti-covered streets of the early 1980s. He has since explored graphic design, fashion design, and photography, drawing inspiration from his life experiences and his passion for hip-hop, along with influences from sci-fi, martial arts, and comic books.

Together, as BoogieREZ, they live life to the fullest, sharing their passion with the world.

"The best way to ensure that those things live beyond you is to give them to other people and hope that they give them to somebody else," said Rez.

Their mission is clear: to inspire, impact, and empower through their art, fostering a community that celebrates diversity, tackles challenges, and revels in experiences together.

"When you actually have people that can support you to do better, it's just so much healthier of a living," said Boogie. "We want to showcase each individual to tap into the amazing skill set that they have. Through your culture and background, bring that forth. If you own that and understand how incredible you are, you are able to really move forward and move so many people around you."

In 2018 BoogieRez, along with other artists, were invited by Silverstein Properties and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to enhance the aesthetics of the World Trade Center's campus by creating a mural on the large metal structure housing cooling and operating equipment.

"Any place where he's doing construction, Silverstein said I'm gonna put the art where everybody can see it all the time," said Rez, "You don't need an appointment or whatever. Everybody can always see it."

This project aimed to bring art to a public space, making it accessible to a wider audience.

"Everything really all happens at once, right?," said Boogie, "That mural really said to us, wow, we can become these artists that we've been wanting and dreaming of."

The power of being an artist extends far beyond personal expression; it serves as a bridge connecting individuals to one another.

BoogieRez encourages others to explore their own creative potential, fostering a sense of connection and community in their audiences.

"My creativity really helped me to better my way of being able to connect to others. We're always creating something. We're always feeding off of that energy. Hopefully, that energy bounces back to everybody else and they'll create their own visions that they want to share," said Boogie.