The 36th Annual Art Car Parade ready to roll!

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Monday, April 17, 2023
The only limitation is your imagination at the Houston Art Car Parade.
The only limitation is your imagination at the Houston Art Car Parade.

HOUSTON, TEXAS (KTRK) -- When it comes to Houston's Art Car Parade, your only limitation is your imagination. Where else can you see a 30 Foot banana rolling down the road. Owner Steve Braithwaite loves to see the reaction when he drives by, "it's the best thing in the world that build a car that makes so many people smile, it blows me away."

The Big Banana is back for the first time in ten years. It will be joined by 275 other works of incredible art from Space Ships to Purple People Eaters and Ghoulish Mobiles to Sam Houston Math, Science and Tech High School's "Face Your Fears". One of 32 school entiries this year. MSTC teacher Kerrianne Clabaugh challenged her students, "we had them all make a mask that was either a phobia or a fear, and they all run with it. Being able to see their art work on something big and going around town, it's really cool to see them get into it. They really got into it this year."

Just about all the Art Cars are street legal and some are used as everyday vehicles. Rebecca Lowe loves driving hers around daily, "why wouldn't you paint your car and make it interesting, who wants to drive a white car around."

The Art Car Parade is fun for everyone. You can see the Art Car Parade live Saturday at 2pm where ever you stream the ABC13 App.

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