Cuddly cousins go viral in iconic 'bromance' photo shoot

Two cousins in Arkansas have given a new meaning to the term bromance. Their cheeky, outdoor photo shoot has now gone viral.

Dustin and Roger Kellar of Hot Springs, Ark. are seen frolicking through grass fields wearing cut-off shirts, jean shorts and cowboy boots. At times, they're gazing into each other's eyes, lying on their stomachs with their feet propped up, heads tilted and touching. Another portrait even shows them forming a heart with their arms while blowing kissy-faces at one another.

"I would say the bromance is real and has always been real for us," Roger said. "We are cousins, but more like brothers. We have been by each other's side through the good, the bad and the ugly."

The cousins say they've had the wacky photo shoot in mind for some time and finally decided to just do it. Their iconic set of portraits has turned them into social media stars after the post on the Genesis Photography page garnered thousands of views and interactions on Facebook.
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