Woman's arrest under investigation after claims she was beaten


Tranesha Tramonia Perry is in jail facing four felony charges -- a burglary and evading charge from earlier this month, and then two assault charges stemming from her arrest last week.

Screams of 'kill me, kill me' got a neighbor's attention. He grabbed his cell phone and recorded some of Tranesha Perry's arrest.

A felony burglary warrant brought a Houston police warrant execution team to Perry's home near Bush Intercontinental Airport last Monday morning. Instead of answering the door, she ran. Her mother questions how she was arrested.

"It don't make sense," she said. "They're here to protect us, no matter if my daughter did anything."

But Houston Police Union President Ray Hunt showed us pictures of a bite that punctured the skin and bruises one of the officers sustained. He's the one seen in the video drawing back.

"This could be someone reaching in, trying to pull a hand," he said. "It could be anything."

Hunt says Perry had already jumped fences, scratched an officer and grabbed another's ammunition.

He said, "Everything on there makes me comfortable that these officers used force necessary to execute the arrest on someone resisting."

"They was, like, beating me, ma'am," Perry said.

From jail, Perry described injuries that included black eyes and sore ribs. Houston police would not release her mug shot.

Houston Police Chief Charles A. McClelland, Jr., issued the following statement: "The Houston Police Department is in the preliminary stages of gathering facts into allegations regarding a use of force incident on Monday, April 14. KTRK-TV was provided a video of the incident in question. HPD has not received the video, although we have asked KTRK for a copy of it. We have made contact with the suspect, who has been uncooperative. The events surrounding this arrest have been documented in a police report. I cannot discuss specifics on the case until I and the department receive additional information."

The chief has not seen the video.

When we asked Perry why she ran from police in the first place instead of opening the door and allowing officers to arrest her, she said simply, "I was scared."

There is agreement the video does not show everything that occurred.

Because a bite did break an officer's skin, police are requesting Perry be medically tested.

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