No sew: Create Easter tutus on the cheap


I have three little ones, and I can tell you that once they put that tutu on they feel like a princess. Even adults are taking part in the trend.

"I think you never really outgrow a tutu. You want a little bit of attention, you want to set yourself apart, so you do it with tall socks or tutus and apparently, they are easy to make so that's what we are trying," Kristin Stegall said.

If you think you have to spend $25-$50, there's good news -- you can make one for about $5.

We turned to DIY guru Tamika Fletcher who found a cheap way to get the same high-end tutu look for less. Anyone can make this!

"This is super easy, it's a 10 minute tutu!" Fletcher said.

Here are the materials you will need:

  • 1/2" elastic band or stretch elastic headband found at the Dollar Store or any beauty salon supply store. This will be the waist band.
  • Fabric scissors
  • Any embellishments you might want to add, such as flower clips or bedazzlers. These typically cost about $1 each.
  • Tulle on a spool or by the yard. 2-7 yards depending on fullness and length of tutu.

"If you really want to save money and you are not interested in buying on the spool, you can actually buy it by the yard, this is $1.49 a yard. It takes a little more time to create it with this," Fletcher said.


  1. Measure the hips or waist. Next decide the length you want your finished tutu to be. A good rule of thumb is to measure from your waistband to the desired hemline and double the length of your piece. For example if waistline to hemline is 11" you will cut pieces that are 22".
  2. For small children an elastic headband can be used for waistline. If using a ribbon leave additional 4" pieces on each end to tie around wast. If using elastic use 4" less than needed.
  3. Next, fold your pieces in half and tie the tulle around your waistband. For a fuller skirt, attach more strips of tulle.

For just an extra dollar, we attached a clip-on flower to the waist for an added embellishment.

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