Ex-McDonald's worker fired after paying firefighters' tabs


Heather Levia worked for McDonald's for eight years. She tells WIVB-TV in Buffalo that one morning, a group of firefighters came in after fighting a fire. She paid for their $92 tab, to show them she appreciates all they do.

Then a second department showed up. Levia texted her boss to see if the company would pay the tab. Her boss said no, so she and other workers again paid for the food.

At her next shift, Levia was fired for cursing at a superior. She denies it. The firefighters say they were grateful and regret she lost her job.

"It's just wrong. Like, I wish the communities would change and help each other out. I wish that things didn't have to be the way they are. And if losing my job is going to speak out to the community, then that's what it's going to do," Levia said.

The owner of the McDonald's said in a statement that Levia's firing had nothing to do with what she did for the firefighters.

Levia has already been offered two other jobs.

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