Houstonians protest George Zimmerman's acquittal outside city hall


The community is split on the Zimmerman verdict. Some felt the jury made the right decision when it delivered that not guilty verdict. Others felt, it was an injustice and dozens of people speaking out against the verdict made their voices heard yesterday City Hall.

Some held up signs, others wore hooded sweatshirts similar to the one Trayvon Martin was wearing the night the 17-year-old was shot and killed in a Sanford, Florida neighborhood.

The Houstonians rallied against Saturday night's verdict, where a jury of six women found Zimmerman not-guilty of second degree murder or the lesser charge of manslaughter.

For some local residents who gathered peacefully at City Hall say the decision was upsetting.

"We think this is a very, very bad injustice and it's not just Trayvon Martin but it's happening all over the country and it doesn't include the police violence against blacks and working people in general and we think it's wrong and it needs to be stopped," said protestor Bernard Sampson.

"I think the right thing happened with the trial and perhaps the right verdict from a legal standpoint, morally, who put themselves in what position," said James Day who agreed with the verdict. "That's not what the course is for and that's not what the average person should take from this but hopefully we can come together and make a better response."

There will be another rally later today protesting the Zimmerman verdict. It will be led by community activist Quanell X. The rally is set to begin at 6pm at Bird Funeral Home in the Third Ward.

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