Like Netflix for ties: Men can rent high-end accessories


A lot of men have to wear a tie every single day and that can really add up. Just think of all the money you could save by borrowing them.

It's sort of like Netflix for ties. You pay a monthly fee to rent one to three ties or accessories like cuff links, pocket squares even bow ties and you can keep them as long as you want.

When you return them, they mail you the next items on your list. There's a variety of different items to choose -- from every day work wear to designer brands.

Most men we talked to, of course, love that they're saving money. But that's not all.

"Something unique happened. In the office kind of overnight I became the guy who became the most stylish guy. People are asking me style advice but I'm the guy that doesn't really know," said Jeff Werner.

"People always comment on ties at work, the girls at work they notice. It's the one way since I wear a white shirt that I can change things up," David Laborde said.

This particular company is called Fresh Neck, but there are several websites that offer similar services. Depending on the company, memberships start around $10 a month and some even allow you to buy the ties at a discount if you end up falling in love with them.

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