Legally blind photographer Ron Johnson has unique talent


Ron Johnson has been shooting photographs for decades.

"Well, I shoot mainly landscape photography," he said.

Some might say he has a pretty good eye for scenery, but they would be dead wrong.

"Really and truly, I can't see to take a photo," Johnson said.

That's right. Johnson doesn't have an eye for photography. In fact, he has two bad eyes. He's nearly blind.

"If I try to do photographs, about 1 in 50-75 photos are good," he said. "The rest I have to delete."

Still, he travels the country with his handy magnifying glass, shooting for the hotel industry or for Houston, showcasing to the world the Bayou City.

But being blind creates a huge problem.

"I can't tell you if the photo is blurry or if it's a good photo or not," he said. "I have to rely on other people."

And that's where his assistant steps in.

"Without my assistant, Angelina, I couldn't do this," Johnson said.

Angelina wasn't able to make this trip to Houston, so Ron quickly finds an assistant off the street.

"My assistant is not able to be with me right now," Johnson said to a passerby. "Is there any way you could tell me, what do you think makes a nice looking photo?"

Ron never thought he would go blind, but he certainly hasn't let him stop what he loves to do.

"It's a big job, and we travel to other cities, trying to show what Houston is all about," he said. "I want to share this city."

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