Hempstead plans to sue Waller Co. over proposed landfill

February 13, 2013 8:29:41 PM PST
Hundreds of people are actively protesting the idea of creating a landfill in Waller County near Highway 6 and 290.

On Wednesday, a majority of Waller County commissioners decided to move forward with that proposed landfill project. Now the mayor of Hempstead says this city's moving forward with a lawsuit.

"I'm heartsick over it," Waller County judge and Hempstead resident June Jackson said.

Across Hempstead, neighbors are fired up and speaking out. Many are upset a majority of Waller County commissioners voted Wednesday to move forward with an out-of-state company's proposal to build a landfill along State Highway 6 on the northwest side of the county.

"That's just their opinion, that's not mine. I do not want it here, and I guarantee you 90 percent of the people don't want it here," landfill opponent Frank Yepp said.

People rallied by the hundreds during the commissioners public meeting in Hempstead Tuesday night, hoping it could help halt plans for the pintail landfill. The company pushing the landfill claims it will be environmentally friendly and bring good paying jobs to the community.

And despite strong opposition, that proposed project agreement passed in commissioners court with a 3-2 vote.

"I think the people feel that they did not listen nor feel with their heart," Hempstead Mayor Michael Wolfe Sr. said.

Wolfe is among those who believes some county leaders just made the wrong decision. The decision also included amending an existing ordinance to prohibit other solid waste companies from coming into any other parts of Waller County.

"As a result of the county making that decision, the city is now going to move forward in filing a lawsuit against this particular ordinance that they feel that they have the right to do," Wolfe said.

The county judge has not yet responded to our request for comment. Wolfe says he and other city leaders will begin working with their attorneys Thursday.