Woman shot in drive-by dies in front of garden store


Pasadena police say it was around noon when a maroon SUV rushed into the Houston Garden Center parking lot. Authorities say inside the vehicle were Yolanda Aguilar, 58, in the passenger seat, her frantic husband behind the wheel and two other passengers, including a two-year-old baby. Authorities say moments earlier they had been driving nearby along Vista Road when a suspect, also believed to be a family member, fired at their SUV.

Pasadena Police Department Assistant Chief Bud Corbett said, "I think that it may have been more directed toward the driver of the vehicle, but it was the driver's wife who was actually struck by gunfire."

Mark Landrum says his twin brother, who works at the garden center, saw the SUV pull up with the wounded victim inside.

"He said that a car pulled in there real quick and I guess she was just trying to get out and get some help, but she died," Landrum said. "I think it's crazy that this happened over here."

Authorities say two suspects inside a gray car sped off from the scene. Police believe the deadly shooting is all over a family dispute from a few months back that involved drugs.

"There was an invitation extended from one family member to another to engage in some form of drug activity and supposedly that invitation was declined," Corbett said. "That supposedly triggered the conflict between family members."

Authorities are now following up on a leads as they search for the suspect accused of killing his family member. They are searching for a gray 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee with license plate #CT3 X744.

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