Judge bans gang members from Houston neighborhood


Judge Alexandra Smoots-Hogan on Thursday issued an order to create the Brays Oaks Safety Zone, a 0.117-mile area around Eleanor Tinsley Elementary School.

During a three-hour hearing, the Harris County district court judge heard testimony from Houston police officers about the drug sales, assaults and murder that occur in that part of the city.

As a result, Smoots-Hogan created the safety zone, effectively banning seven key members of the Crips and Blood gangs from entering the area. Now, officers can arrest any of those gang members if they're spotted in that area. And if they're found guilty, they can be put in jail for up to one year and fined $4,000.

The judge also ordered two area convenience stores to increase security and to take steps to reduce crime on their premises.

Last month, Ryan filed public nuisance lawsuits against 11 gang members in this same neighborhood. He says they are the safety of the people living Brays Oaks.

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