Ballunar Liftoff Festival ends early - without liftoff


The rain started early across southeast Texas on Saturday morning, soaking many areas that needed the rainfall.

On days like this, many choose to stay indoors. But others tried to make the best of a wet start to the weekend.

"Rain or shine, we are out here," Ballunar Liftoff Festival vendor Katie Kerbow said. "This is our fourth year to be out here."

At JSC, the 19th annual RE/MAX Bullunar Liftoff Festival was open, although some of the main attractions had to shut down.

"The weather just came in this morning, so balloons can't fly in weather like this," festival board member Cindy Harrold said. "We can't have skydivers, and so the air activities are over."

With rain jackets in hand, several families tried to make the best of it by checking out all the exhibits the coinciding NASA Open House had to offer.

"This is our 11-year-old. He is interested in the space program and what there is," Jennifer Alberding said. "And our little guy likes the astronauts, so we just thought it would be a great opportunity to meet some of the astronauts and see what NASA does."

Southeast Texas hasn't seen any significant rainfall for several weeks now. Saturday's wet weather came and went without any major problems.

Because of concerns about the public's safety based on continuing rain at the festival site, water accumulation on the festival grounds and predicted high winds, the festival concluded weekend activities early by closing at 4pm Saturday and will not reopen Sunday. The NASA Open House has also ended.

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