Homeowner shoots home invasion suspect


Investigators don't know if this was a planned home invasion or a random target. If it was random, they picked the wrong house.

The homeowner's girlfriend walked into the house but didn't lock the door. A few moments later, the door flew open, according to what she told investigators, and it wasn't the wind.

"Three black male suspects followed her into the house," said Lt. Jeff Stauber with the Harris County Sheriff's Office Theft Division. "She heard them coming up behind her."

The homeowner's 12-year-old son was in the home. Detectives said that one of three masked gunmen grabbed him. That's when the homeowner emerged from a bedroom with a gun of his own -- and used it.

Lt. Stauber said, "Fearing for his son's life, he fired a shot at one of the suspects and struck the suspect in the left shoulder."

All three suspects, including the one wounded in his shoulder, got away. He was dropped off at a hospital in Katy, where he was arrested. A photo spread was shown to the girlfriend and the boy at the scene.

Drug dogs were also brought in to search in cars near the house. The dog alerted, perhaps on residue. From these cars, at least, no drugs appear to have been found.

The suspect is now in the county jail. The search for his two companions continues.

At this point investigators say they don't know if this was a drug-related home invasion. The suspect in jail has been charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon.

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