METRO bus involved in multi-vehicle accident in NW Houston


According to a METRO spokesperson, a bus driver heading southbound on Antoine near Hempstead Road failed to stop for some reason, bumping into the car in front of him. The impact caused a chain reaction.

Officials on the scene say 11 vehicles were involved. Preliminary numbers indicate at least nine people were taken to hospitals -- both passengers from the bus and drivers caught up in this crash. The bus driver was one of those transported to a hospital.

"I was just sitting in my car," recalled accident victim Mike Porter, who was uninjured in the wreck. "I was in the middle of it, so it was bam, bam."

Sgt. Jorge Roman with METRO Police said, "From the information I have, neck and back injuries to two people in private vehicles, and seven people from the bus."

People on stretchers were lining the median at the scene. Some were wearing neck braces.

The cause of this crash is still under investigation. It is not known why the bus driver failed to stop.

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